Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pigeon Impossible

Plot: There was a man called Walter Beckett and he was a secret Agent.
He was walking with a suitcase and saw a bench and sat and he had a donut and he was eating it,all of a suddenly a bird came near him and wanted some donut from him and he gave the bird small but he wanted all of the donut and he was chasing walter everywhere. The bird was so hungry. Then the bird fell into the suitcase and looked everywhere inside the suitcase. The bird was shooting the people and Walter saw the donut when he fell and puted it up and the bird saw it he stopped and landed and Walter was still putting it up then he put it near the fire were the car got burn and he got the everything from the suitcase and puted in. Walter went near the suitcase and then he tried to catch the bird but he didn't the bird got the shooting and almosted but then Walter throw up the donut and fell inside the suitcase and hitted the rocket button and the rocket started flying and Walter got the suitcase and flayed and the bird was following Walter. Walter oper his suitcase and gave the bird and Walter got his rocket and shoot the big rocket and made a boob and he started to land and saw the bird eating the donut and he was pushing to him and Walter puted his glasses on and walked away and the pointy rocket part fell on the bird.

Problem:The bird was so hungry and fell into the suitcase and was shooting people and shooting cars and the rocket fell on the bird and died.

Solution:Walter gave the donut to the bird so he can shoot that rocket.

Your opinion of the story: My opinion was that the bird was trying to shot Walter because he was trying to give the donut but the bird was scared.

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