Friday, June 8, 2012

In the Beginning

Long, long ago there was a Princess named Tangaroa and she was 21. Her brother, Prince Rongo was 19. They lived together in a beach. Rongo liked sitting on the beach and praying.

All of a sudden they both jumped up because they saw sharks around them.They were in a bad mood with the sharks, because all the sharks had grown legs and big hands. Tangaroa had to fix the problem but she just couldn’t. Tangaroa was feeling so weird because all the people got swallowed up and they tried to run. They were all running but except the brothers. Next Tangaroa was so angry and stand up and went to Rongo and they disgusted what to do with the sharks. Rongo was thinking what to do, so he stand up and went and look, he was horrified with the sharks so he went back, and prayed he said “Please put those shark back into normal.

He fixed the problem back to normal. Tangaroa was very happy with Rongo. Rongo returned back to his place and stilled prayed and this was the end of the story.

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