Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Netbook Description

My netbook is special to me because it helps me alot.

My netbook is thin and shaped like a rectangle. It looks black on the outside and a keyboard that has a screen and it has a webcam.

My learning tool has sound when I use tux paint and when I log in. It feels hard and smooth on the cover and it is light when you hold it with one hand. It is rough underneath the little laptop and it is smooth on top.

Triple E. p.c netbook is found in class and put in a C.O.W to charge overnight. We keep it in our tote tray or leave it on our table during the day when we are in class.

The little netbook is a learning tool and it helps me with my learning in class and it shows me how to get to the internet access and I can work on it.

It has a keyboard and internet and you have to be careful and be cybersmart, respect it and be responsible. You must also remember it is a learning tool not a toy.

We are the first people in New Zealand to have netbook for our learning.

The little netbook is a learning tool and it has internet and we always have to take responsibility for our learning and behaviour when we are around our netbook.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Smart Legal

Today we looked at what is being Smart Legal.

I am 9 year old and I should not be 

Owning Facebook Account
Owning G-mail Account
Owning Twitter Account
Random game and site
Random screenshot
coping +paste other works
Owning Bebo Account.

These are legal because you must be under age or stealing peoples work and will get a viruses on you netbook. You always have to follow the law. If you go on random site your netbook will have a viruses and your teacher can not fix it for you it will be sent to a place to fix. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

What do I know about London?

Fact:1: London’s red double decker is the famous in the world.

Fact:2: London is the biggest city out of Britain.

Fact:3: Over 900 years, the Tower of London has been standing guard.

Fact:4: London’s time is different to New Zealand time.

Fact:5: London is in the southeast of England.

Math Reflection Week 2

Learning Intention- My learning Intention is to order fraction. 

A fraction is a sort of Math. There are Denaminator like how many pieces do I have?. Numerator is like how many I give away?. There a quarters (1/4) and halves (1/2) and there a thirds (1/3) and there are more. There's lot more to learn about fractions.

I think I know it well off by heart. I only know my fractions like halves and thirds, I need to practise the other fractions.