Monday, June 4, 2012

Orienteering Week 1

Wow! It was fun on Wednesday because Mr McGivern and Mrs Irene came to show us how to play orienteering.

The first thing we did was we drew a map with our white board and then we had a paper from Mrs Irene and we had to go around the classroom and find the letters.

Our second thing we did was we had to figure out what the words said and McGivern gave us a hint he said “read it backwards” and we all did and it said “Have a nice day”.

Our third thing we did was we had to stand up and get in to our math groups and we had to follow Mrs Irene and the other group had to follow McGivern to the field. We all had to listen very carefully to the instructions.

Our fourth thing we did was that we had to get a paper and run to our letter whenever Mrs Irene and McGivern said them.

Our fifth thing was to do was run around the circle and clip the paper when we saw the letter and we were not allowed to go back.

My favourite thing we did was when we had to clip the paper into the sharp clipper. We had to finish off and come back because it was morning tea time.

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Miss G said...

Well done with sharing your experience of Orienteering with your blog audience Kilistina. I really like how you started your writing and broke your ideas up into paragraphs. Keep it up.

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