Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Fact 1-Orienteering is like when you work like a family and  figure out how to use a map.

Fact 2-Navigati
on means when you have to use a map to find the way to the finishing control marker.

Fact 3-You need to keep on task because some markers will be at the back of the trees and some will be hiding near
the gate.

Fact 4-We have to walk or run to the pointed top that is shown on the map.

Tom and the Dragon

One day Tom’s mother said “never go ever go ever go inside the cave because there is a dragon inside the cave and it will kill you”.Tom was outside and he saw the dragon and they were both sacred. So the dragon was not allowed to kill Tom but they were best friend,Tom was having a nice day at the beach because they were talking.Tom’s mother said that the dragon will dragon barbeque him”.Tom did was not listen to his mother.His mother kept saying “never go ever go ever say yes”and he did not listen.He loved being friends with the dragon and he loved him alot.He went with him everywhere.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Basketball Facts

Fact:1-Basketball is fun and you can play it on a wheelchair and  you have to only have 5 on the court.

Fact:2- The basketball haves rules because other games has rules before they chest.

Fact:3-Basketball is for boys and girl and they can play with mini balls or big balls.

Fact:4- To success basketball you should have more energy and more strength.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Reflection Term 2

My favorite thing is Basketball because I can learn how to dribble and shot so I can dribble fast on the ground.
The hardest was the shooting but it was alright and fun.
I enjoy doing the shooting because it was hard but it was supposed to be hard. I tried my best and it went in. I was so happy and excited.

Typing challenge term 2

Holy Spirit Week 2

The fire is a symbol of the Holy Spirit because the bush was burning and God was talking to Moses.The water is a symbol of the Holy Spirit when Moses held the stick up to let the people go through the water and all the people thought it was him, but it was God.The wind was rushing through the room at Pentecost and everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit.