Monday, June 25, 2012

Imagination Story

Mum shouted, “get up Kilistina go and help Elizabeth do her garden”. It was raining, sunny and freezing all at the same time outside and I did not want to get out of the bed.
When I was digging the humongous hole that Elizabeth needed to plant her flowers it was so boring. While I was digging I started daydreaming, I dug deeper and deeper not doing it right. Suddenly a big thump happened and I had hit on a rocky road, “ouch” I screamed.

I saw a Candy tree with a bars of chocolate hanging on it. I was scared because I heard something behind me, it was small, I froze like a statue.
Suddenly I heard a buzz coming towards me and I suddenly saw a bee fly to me and land on the ground he said “hello”.

But I was digging a hole and all of a suddenly I digged more and got into this hole. He was medium size, strong and had 2 eyes, 2 ears and short legs and arms. It had rained and rained in this place for million years. Suddenly he said “what are you doing here?”. I could not get out of the hole because it was slippery and my shoes were slippery. But he was so polite and he showed me everything.

He said to me, “Hold out your hand and close your eyes”, he gave me this shiny, golden diamond with a squishy ball bouncing inside softly and it shined like the sun.

Suddenly I felt my head shaking, it was very sore so I closed my eye and wished it to go away. I opened my I was in my backyard holding the golden diamond that lazy bee gave me to keep. I decided to keep lazy bee’s promise for ever and never forget him. He was my best friend for ever.  

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