Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pretending its Christmas

Holiday Cheer................
Everyone has a family tradition whether it is going out of town or just staying 
home and being with your family. My family tradition is passed down from generation to 
generation, and helps define the true meaning of family. It helps build everlasting 
memories and enrich our culture. My family gathers for any holiday or special 
celebration. Furthermore, I would consider Christmas to be my favorite Holiday of the 
The word Christmas in itself brings to one’s mind a sense of happiness and joy. We begin our tradition by selecting our tree, and filling it with gifts for our entire family. This marks the beginning of our early tradition. 
Over the years it has become an event where we come together as a family.   
My family consists of about 40 people; all ranging from infants, toddlers, teens 
and adults. All coming together to celebrate Christmas day. The environment is great,
decorated tree, lights, music, food and plenty of holiday spirit. Everyone will bring their 
favourite dish or desert. 
This year my mom will cook Birria.   For desert we will have my personal favourite 
which is cooked by my Nina. It is called pork bun. We gather at my house right around 4:00 p.m.   We have plenty of food and 
everyone brings something different to eat.   As we eat dinner everyone will catch up on 
what’s new, what they have been up too and we also share everlasting memories. 
After dinner, is when our Christmas party comes alive. My family is known as a happy, 
cheerful and bright family. As soon as one person begins to dance, everyone joins in as 
well.   We continue to dance well in to the night. There are many pictures taken as a 
family. I find it very funny that my younger cousins will make funny faces as their 
picture is taken. Every picture that is taking is unique; it has its own story to tell. We 
share these photo’s amongst our self’s.

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