Tuesday, October 8, 2013


During  the holidays on the second week of the holiday I went to an amazing camp with my brother that was in Henderson Valley .

When my brother and I arrived at the camp we were put into the same room with ten other people and I started unpacking my stuff and made my bed. After everyone had arrived at the camp-site we were all called to the dining room where camp dad told us what activities we were doing and that the theme of the camp was fear factor.

Next we all broke up into our activity groups and and we went to rock climbing. It was really exciting for me because I have never been rock climbing before and I was a bit scared because I don't like high places. When I was climbing it was great but it was a little bit difficult and I set a goal that I would touch the roof and I did get to the top.

After that we went to have lunch in the dining room and it was pizza which was brilliant. Soon after that it was free time and we got to do whatever we wanted to do and I went to have a sleep. About two hours later I woke up and everyone was going to the hall so I went as well. When I entered the hall I found my brother and all of the camp started playing a game called rag tag where everyone had a rag and they had to get the other peoples' rag and we played that for about an hour.  

Later on the bell rang for dinner and everyone rushed up to the dining room and we were seated in our rooms. We were then called up to get our food and we went back to our seats to eat. The food was delicious because it was my favourite food lasagne. After that we went to have room chill time where I had a rest and read my book.

Afterwards we brushed our teeth and got ready for bed and went to lie down on my bed. We were allowed to talk for a while so I talked to my new friends but they were all too tired to talk. Then I read my book again and then I fell asleep. When I woke up everyone was already up and got dressed and I got dressed too. Later on when everyone was ready we went to breakfast and started the days activities and my first one was going to the water hole.

Soon after we were asked to go and get changed into our swimming gear and go down to the water hole. When everyone was at the water hole we had to put life jackets on and wait for the leaders to tell us to go into the water. Next we were told that we could go into the water and I was the first one to jump into the water. As soon as I touched the water I screamed because the water was freezing cold and I jumped back out. Everyone else was too scared to go into the water but then the leaders picked people up and through them into the water. I jumped in the water again but that time I stayed in the water and it started to get warm and I swam to the other side and went up the slide. When I went down the slide I smashed into the water and water went up my nose and in my mouth but it didn't stop me from going back up and doing it again.

Following that was the start of Fear Factor which the whole camp went down onto the field. Everyone had a gross task to do and my one was about food. The first task was my one about food, We had a bucket full of scrapes and there were five marbles in it. The task was we had to get all of the marbles out with a blindfold on and the first person to get them all was the winner. When we started I picked up the bucket and tipped all the scrapes out and began to feel around for the marbles and it was gross. Then I found one, then two and then all the rest of the marbles in the same place and I got up and took my blindfold off and saw that I was first and I jumped for joy because I had got 1000 points for my group.

Finally we had the prize giving and my group won. I was amazed and I couldn't believe that we had won. Our group was called up to the stage and we got a bag of treats and we were the first to go. As we left we got a packed lunch and I said bye to all my new friend and that made me feel sad. Then I met my brother and we were picked up by my foster family.

Overall I loved camp and I had an amazing time and I hope I get to go again.  

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