Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life Education Life

Wow this is me and Harold and I have been in the Life education van this morning so I am going to talk to you about healthy and your body. You might not seen him but there is a picture to show you. You might have a look at him when he is at your school or else some people might now him.

This is a picture of me and Harold with some activity in the bag. Lynn showed us a lady called Tam with her skin off. What she talked about was when you put the food in your mouth and use it with your teeth and then you move it around with your tongue. Then you use your Saliva and swallow it down to your throat. Next will go down to you tummy. There is a place under the stomach that has lots of stuff and it looks like sausage but it is not it is called small intestines. It breaks up the food and goes to little bits  it takes a very long time. The good food goes to the blood.

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