Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lego Story

This is a story about Lego and it is set in the olden days, because the cars and the olden houses and wires. . It happened in Switzerland and the character was Oil the grandfather and the son Godfrey. They began in 1932 and still carried on now. 

Oil lost his wife and he started to make toys with wood. He had four boys and they helped him but the little one helped him a lot. The name Lego came from Oli, it means play well.

Oli worked in the workshop and sold toys. He was making toys until he gave to the shops and he bought some food and the children were happy. Oli passed away and his son looked after the shop. His lego was sold in the shops and it is very fun to do.

My favorite part was that the son helped him alot and it was easy to watch. It was quite a sad movie because the toy shop got burnt down at one point. I loved the movie that my teacher showed me because I love lego and it is my favorite thing to do when I am bored.

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