Friday, November 23, 2012

Cricket Recount

Saint Pius student played cricket from week 1 to 4 in term 4. We played at the field and in the courts. We had our turn every Tuesday, we all had turns whacking the ball and fielding.

When we were finished our cricket lesson we would walk sensibly to the classroom. When we whacked the ball we had to run to the cricket bowler and touch it until there was 6 balls there on the yellow stander. What we did first was we had to go and line up at the court and we sit down and we listen carefully and we did warm ups with the ball.

First what we did was run with the ball around our legs. After we come and sit down after we bat, then if all the team got 3 out they had to swap. On my team we got the good players because they were fast and good catchers. We whacked the ball and it went very far. The coach came for 4 weeks and it was a pleasure to have him here.

We were the winners but there was no trophy but we still won. When we had the game at the field, it was not that fun because people were not respecting each others teams. So what we did was we fixed the problem by respecting each others teams by cheering for each other.

We loved cricket very much and this time. Sid is a very nice coach, we liked him and we wish him a very good time where-ever he has gone to next.

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