Monday, May 6, 2013

Mum Description

My mum is special because she has been guiding me in my journey. She has short hair and she is the second tallest in the house. My mum is an islander and she loves to speak in Tongan.. She is a She is the best mum I have ever had. She Fijian and you can tell because of her hair.

My mum likes to read and helps my little sister to read her book from school. My mum’s favourite rugby team is Tonga because she likes Finau Maka as her favourite player. She doesn't like going on random elevators because they might prank you. The one thing she doesn't like is Chinese food because she thinks that it made out of rats. My little sister says “Mum don’t believe in it” and we all laugh.

She supports me wherever I go and she keeps me clean for school. She cares for me and hugs me when I go school. She helps me when I need help and she tells me stuff to do. She buys lunch for us and keeps us safe and healthy. She pays my school fees and my uniform. She cleans the house makes food for us so when we get home we eat. She is the best mum I have ever had.

Why I love my mum is that she is special and helpful. She shares food with us and keeps us fit. She protects me whenever someone touches me. I love my mum because she always spoils me a lot. I am from her side and my other siblings are from my dad side. I love my mum!

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