Thursday, May 30, 2013

Catholic school day

On a bright Tuesday St Joseph school from Orakei came to celebrate Catholic school day with us. When St Joseph school arrived from Orakei we celebrated Catholic School day at St Pius X Catholic School and I was excited because I got to meet a new friend.

It was fun because we had a Catholic Schools Day mass and there were 370 students. We had a awesome mass with St Joseph. I met a new friend and her name was Martha but I called her Mart for short.

I took her and showed her around our school. All of a sudden  we bumped into Valenisia and Ponia. Valenisia had to go and play and they had fun. When they went I saw a little girl walk around so I made her cheer up and she made lots of fun.

Martha was a Korean just like my uncle and she was 11 years old, I was one year older than her. My new friend and I went and walked around the field and I asked Martha if their school  had a big field at their school and she replied back “ Yes but it is a small field.

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