Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catholic School Day

Yesterday St Joseph's came to celebrate Catholic school day.

First thing when the St Joseph's arrived at our school, we had a school mass with St Joseph's. The whole school was very packed and all you could see is red and blue clothes. We had to sing songs and read the gospel. Our two priests were Father Terry and Father Ioane. Our class sat on the left side with Room 4, Room 1 and Room 2. St Joseph's sat on the right side with the rest of the classes. Our class and St Joseph's had a nice day. We had an awesome day and enjoyed meeting others.

After mass we lined up and walked back to class to get our lunch. We sat and we got to meet the girls and they gave us was a badge from them.  The boys gave a badge to the St Pius boys. Boys were playing Bull rush with the St Joseph's boys. The girls were walking around meeting others and they were playing Tiggy. The teachers were talking and having a cup of tea or coffee. The weather was sunny and we hoped it wouldn't rain so we would play.

Next we had a music concert with St Joseph. St Joseph's sang Count On Me by Bruno Mars. We had fun day and Room 3 did the cup song. We enjoyed singing with the whole school Mali Mali mai and we had to clap. Our class did not do a thing because Room 7 had set it up for us. We had a fun and exciting day with my 3 buddies.

What I enjoyed with my friend was that we walked around and took pictures. That was my favourite day ever in my life.

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