Friday, April 5, 2013

What Jesus did for us

Our Father
He went up a mountain and prayed. Jesus taught us the our father.
He made a man see.
Healed a girl.
healed ten lepers. Healed a man from the roof.
Jesus teach us to say the our father. Jesus taught on the mountain.
Took care of kids.
He helped the poor.
He shared with the disciples.
Heal the sick.
Jesus healed the blind man.
He died for us because of our sins.
Jesus got tempted by the devil. Jesus get very tired and lays on Mary hand.
He spent 40 day and 40 night in the desert. He died for us and our sins. He cared for us and died  because main one to Mary.

Why did Jesus do these things
-Because He loves us
-Because He is the Son of God
-Because God the Father takes care of us and He was taking God’s place on earth and taking care of us
-So we can be like Him
-For our sins

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