Friday, October 19, 2012

My Weird Neighbours

There was something happening at my next neighbor's house because there was a spaceship. There were aliens sitting and having beer with their friends.

When all of a sudden aliens came and knocked on the door and invited us to the party. When they were drinking that night there was a problem it was that they left their friend behind and the aliens were crying. There was this big humongous giant Alien came and got them and said, “ Hi”. When the spaceship came and the aliens were excited when it was their friend and he laughed. When he got there they had a party and disco when I peeked in the window I was scared of the window because there were alien ears sticking out but lucky they had a nice party but they almost..... got caught. Then the alien said “ahhh” guys look over there, there is some party up in space and they went.

They got caught and they traveled backed back to home at space and had a party. I was so happy that they went and then lucky I got back to bed and had a nice sleep.

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