Friday, August 31, 2012

X Country

St Pius X Catholic School had cross country on Friday the 24th August. The students were racing and the teachers were standing on the course to make sure the kids were safe and the parents were cheering for their children.

What we did first was we had to sit in our ages at the courts. We raced in two groups per age, the boys and girls. The little children had to run around the hall and around the church and go around the court and sit at their ages to finish.

When all the little kids were finished it was the seniors turn. When we had to run around the Whole course which was on the roads and you see a teacher there. After we ran Mr Coakley ran and he had a rope, if he tells you to hold it you hold it and keep up with him so that everyone would finish.

Each teacher had a flag and they were all standing on the road because some roads we had to cross and some we did not. We ran and we had a hill but if you sped down the hill you would get tired on your way so I didn’t race it, I just jogged.

When I finished coming back from the running I was thirsty. If you came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th you had to get your name recorded by Mrs Williams as you might get a certificate.

I felt happy on friday because I was proud of me because even though I never came 1st I was still proud.

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Good recount Kilistina. I am pleased to see you using paragraphs so easily. Keep up the good writing.

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