Saturday, August 18, 2012

Apple Description

The fruit of the day is Granny Smith apples, we all got to eat one and see how it was tasted, it was sweet.

I had a yellow one, it was yummy. I wanted two apples but it was not fair to do that. It felt as hard as the ground and as round as a ball.

It sounded like crunchy bread that is burnt burn. The apple was so sweet that I could not eat it but it was my favourite. The apple was fresh and nice and so beautiful. It was heavy like a medium rock and it was soft on the inside, it was smooth on the outside. The apple tastes juicy and delicious.

Apples are seen at the shop, supermarket and the Super-value. It is used for salads and dessert. Granny Smiths are special because they are healthy and fresh .

Granny Smith apples are the best apple ever and it is so delicious and yummy. I wanted all the apples but there was only enough for the class.

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