Friday, February 24, 2012

Apple again

Today I read a story about a boy who sends letters around the country in apple box delieveries. I wrote a letter that I would send if I was him.

Dear Friend,

My name is Kilisitina, my Father works at the fruit shop and he delievers apples to different countries. The apples are very juicy and yummy.
I live in Auckland it is so cold and hot sometimes.What country do you live in?.
I go to a Catholic school, it is very fun they teach us lots of clever stuff.
My teacher is very, very clever.Her name is Miss G, she helps us if we need help.


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Miss G said...

Great letter Kilistina, it took you a little while to get it right but you ended up with a good one in the end. Make sure when you are doing your reading activities you remember why you are doing it. :-)

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