Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day

Thank you mum for always keeping me happy, safe, protected. Thank you for your
kindness,caring and for showing sometime the virtues. Thank you for looking out for me even when I didn't think I needed it and for letting me fall when I had to learn by making my own mistakes. Your eyes are so beautiful like the sky and you're taller than I.  I love you mum.Mum, you're a wonderful mother. So gentle, yet so strong, and mom your all that I look for, Look for everytime I fall. In a moment of
pain when there”s no where to go, You still bandage me up and let your love show, and even if you can’t see it to be, I love you and how you care for me. Today is the day to appreciate you. All your great work and your great loving heart. I can’t believe you can be so soft, but still keep me together when I fall apart. I love you mum for all that you do. My love for you is so hard to prove. But truly truly I will tell you again. My love is true and I really love you.

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