Thursday, December 5, 2013


When I was 8, I always  caught the bus to school. One day my mum drove me to school because she had a meeting with my teacher. While my mum was inside with my teacher these boys walked past me, I was scared. When they saw me looking at them one of them said “ What a you looking at you faggot”. I didn't say anything  and just sat there quietly. Then they came up to me and said “ bring your money or else I’ll punch you”. I was so scared of them so I gave my money and they pushed me down. When my mum came out of the class she said “ let’s go” and we went back home.
On another day I was with a group of cheerleaders. Valensia was our leader the group. At first Valenisia seemed nice, but then things suddenly turned around. She started making up lies, rumors and called people names. Valensia couldn't stand having bullies around so we promised each other that we would tell the teacher about the problems around the school. One day I was looking for her, while I was looking for her, she was making fun of me secretly with some other girls. I tried to tell the teacher, but all he said was "kids will be kids, just ignore them”. So I decided to go tell them that it wasn't funny because being laughed at felt embarrassing. On the next day they all said “ Sorry” and  I said “ It all right” and we went to class happily.

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