Friday, June 21, 2013

Jonney Wartman visit

On a hot sunny day a successful man came to talk about himself  He came to tell us what he does now and how his life is. His name was Jonney Wartman and he came from Christchurch. He was so kind and came with some spray cans to draw a lovely picture outside under the shade. Lots of people paid him lots of money for his graffiti painting. He used his money for buying him paints. He has been travelling around places to graffiti. We asked him question and then we went outside and sit in the shade.

After  he talked to us about himself he said to our teacher if it was all right to go outside and show his picture. We sat down and we had to move back because the spray can was very strong that you can smell it. He was talented he drew a beach, coconut tree, flower and sand.We were amazed of his magic talented hands. We turned around and all of Room 7 came out to look at the picture that he done. When we stood up and looked close it was very wet so we were not allowed to touch it.

In the end we all went to the chair and took a photo of it. So we all enjoyed his time coming.

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