Thursday, December 6, 2012

Netbook Reflection

At the start of the year I was excited because we got our netbook. I was so scared that I would break it because it was the old version and the rest the class had new ones. I couldn't wait because my nerves were jumping up and down.

Now I have improved as I can type faster. It is a learning tool because it is a machine. It is helpful because when you use paper and pencil you have to keep standing and sharpening your pencil. This year my typing is well gone high into the 40’s words per minute.

My favourite thing about using netbook is that your hands don’t get hurt as much as writing with a pencil. It is an easy way to publish to your blog instead of typing it from your book. We are starting to become more independent with using our netbook too.

I don’t like that my netbook can be distracting to me and the class sometimes, but we are trying to be more focussed on our work instead to other things.

The thing that I am looking forward to next year is that I get a high score in my typing tests and a good level across all my subjects.

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