Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

One morning, Room 3 went to the Telstra Clear Stadium at Manukau at  8:00 o'clock in the morning. This was on Monday, 17th of September. It was not that hot there, when we went in the morning, because I think that all the lights there were not on, but in the night time it was suppose to me hot .  All the class was there at the rehearsal. We did this to show the parents that we had talents and to represent our school. We also did the concert to raise money for World Vision. I was not able to go there at night because I had no ride and my parents were busy.

As soon as the bus came we went to the bus and found a seat to sit on. The bus was going to go but all of a sudden all the class started arriving to school and Miss G told them to bring their lunch to put it in the  big red box and the box was so full that we could not hold it. When the bus headed off we felt excited, happy, shy and we knew it was going to be fun there.

When we got there to the rehearsal we met Suzanne Prentice and she had a nice coat that looked really green.  The rehearsal was in the morning and the real performance was at night and the people who went would not get home until around 10 o’clock at night.

When we started eating our morning tea we watched Justin Bieber singing ‘Baby’ and this girl that worked there showed us about the World Vision when the kids eat and drink. The people who went on the night could not see their parents because there was a lot of people there and I think it was so full that the parent could not fit. There was heaps of children there. There were lots of people that wanted to go toilet but luckily it was our last song and they  we had a good morning there.

At the evening performance there were people doing solo’s which means they sing their own part with Suzanne Prentice. My parents told me it cost them $22 dollars to go in. I think the night was so full like last years with heaps of parent sitting there.

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