Friday, March 30, 2012

Holy Week

Holy weeks is the week of lent. Our cloth we use is purple.

On the first day Jesus rode on a donkey to Jerusalem and people put palm when they put the palm on the road on Sunday. People were waving the palm when he entering to Jerusalem.
On the second day when he healed the lepers the people were saying to Jesus that your touch old people and they were very dirty.

On the the Third day when he had his last supper with his disciples and he said to his disciples “take this and drink from this blood and take this bread from my body”.

On the Fourth day he went to the mountain to pray with his disciples he said “please Lord this will be painful, remember me” because he was scared. When he was going he saw his disciples asleep and he was so angry that the disciples did not pray for him.


Miss G said...

Well done with your explaination of Holy Week Kilistina. You have shown a good understanding of the events that occured :-)

kilistina said...

I enjoying when I learn about Jesus and God.
The hardest was typing but I got used to it.
Next time I could look for some hooks to put in to be more excited.

Sarah said...

I am pleased you enjoy doing RE Kilistina, we are very lucky to have such a special subject at our school. Remember practise makes perfect with Tuxpaint :-)

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